Component Modeling Approach Program (CMA)

The CMA is an online database of energy performance information for window, door, and skylight components, which offers the following:

  • Helps non-residential manufacturers see how changing one component can affect overall energy efficiency
  • Provides information on which components can be combined
  • Determines whole product energy performance ratings for fenestration systems


Becoming a participant in the CMA offers a number of benefits to component manufacturers:

  • Ensures energy code compliance—know your product will be rated by the only allowable compliance method in ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, CA Title 24, and any other state/local energy code
  • Adds credibility to your brand, consumer trust, and potentially increased sales
  • Ensures fair competition in the marketplace through uniform and consistent rating—whether you are a national or small-market producer

Glazing Component Manufacturers: click here to learn how to get components into the CMA Program.

7-Step CMA Certification Process

1. Review the NFRC 705-CMA Product Certification Program document.
Guidelines and program requirements to participate and achieve product certification.
2. Sign and return all of the required CMA forms:
  • License Agreement-The license agreement covers the approved use of the NFRC name and logo on authorized products.
  • CMA Software Tool (CMAST) Supplemental Registration Form-Provides NFRC with contact information, what CMAST role is desired, and indicates how your company will use CMA.
  • Sales Affidavit-Indicates company total sales revenue (based on all products, not just NFRC rated) so NFRC fees can be assessed properly.
3. Select and hire an NFRC-accredited Inspection Agency (IA).
An Inspection Agency (IA) is authorized by NFRC to conduct specific services for the CMA Product Certification Program and will guide you through the entire CMA process.
4. Select and hire an NFRC-accredited Simulation Lab and Test Lab.
The simulation lab and test lab will review your product catalog and determine the number of spacer and frame components to be rated based on the requirements of NFRC 100/200 standards.

Once the specific frame and spacer product lines/components are identified: The simulator models the product(s) and determines the energy performance characteristics and uploads them to CMAST component libraries.

5. Send a baseline product to the NFRC accredited test lab (frame manufacturers only).
Baseline products vary in accordance with the results of frame components simulated. The IA will assist with verification of the baseline product to be tested.
6. Await IA validation.
Your IA will review the simulation and test results, and compare them to the original drawings and specifications submitted to your accredited labs. Once the IA determines the frame component simulation and test results validate per NFRC 100 requirements, they will approve the frame components for use in NFRC label certificates. Spacer component simulation results are reviewed for compliance with the original drawings, NFRC 100 requirements, and BOM; but no testing is required. Once approved, spacer components are available in CMAST for use in NFRC Label Certificates.
7. Begin paying annual participation and component fees.
Your frame and spacer components are now available for use in CMAST. NFRC will issue your initial participation invoice per NFRC 704 (fee schedule) based on the date of your initial spacer or frame component upload to CMAST.

Annual CMA Participation Fees

The CMA program participation fees are based on the following:

  • Total sales revenue (not just revenue generated by NFRC-accredited products)
  • Total number of components in the CMAST databases
  • Number of CMAST users
  • Review the NFRC 704: Fee Schedule (pdf) for the exact amounts
CMA Participants
All Weather Architectural Aluminum
Arcadia Inc
Benson Industries
Boyd Aluminum
Cardinal Commercial Products
Coral Architectural Products
CRL – US Aluminum
Custom Window by Wausau
EFCO Corporation
Ensinger Building Products
FM Graham
InterClad, Inc.
Kawneer Company Inc.
LCG Facades
Manko Window Systems
NR Architectural Products
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Origin USA Inc.
PPG Industries
PRL glass and aluminum
Quanex Building Products
Reynaers Aluminium
Schuco USA
Simonton Windows
Skyline Sky-Lites
Super Sky Products Enterprises, LLC
Thermal Windows, Inc.
Tubelite, Inc.
Viracon, Inc.
Vitro America LLC
Wausau Window and Wall Systems
West Tampa Glass Company
Winco Window Co.
YKK AP America Inc.
Zetian Systems Inc

Participant Sales Revenue Verification

(Frame Component Manufacturers Only)

NFRC now requires CMA Frame Component Manufacturer participants to pay fees based on annual sales volume as the residential program does. The NFRC 704-2014 (fee schedule) requires each frame component participant in the CMA Product Certification Program to confirm the applicable revenue category for its total gross sales for the past twelve months. Please download and complete the revenue verification form below by designating your company’s appropriate revenue category. For this purpose, include revenue from all frame component products regardless of whether the components are NFRC certified. Revenues shall include total gross sales (i) by each subsidiary of the participant unless that subsidiary is separately licensed by NFRC under its own license agreement for a different NFRC program.

CMA Documents

Based on your company’s products and practices, you will need to complete forms and documents and return to NFRC.

Testing and Verification

NFRC products go through a series of physical tests designed to test the integrity of their energy performance versus NFRC standards.

Learn more about how products are tested and verified here.

Other Programs

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