The NFRC Product Certification Program

NFRC certification gives consumers the assurance that your product has been rated by the world’s foremost expert in window, door, and skylight performance, in addition to ensuring compliance. Plus, it gives your product added visibility in the marketplace by being listed in the NFRC Certified Product Directory.

11-Step Product Certification Process

1. Review the NFRC 700, Product Certification Program document.

NFRC 700-2021 (pdf) outlines guidelines and program requirements to participate and achieve product certification.

2. Choose your License Agreement Category based on your company’s product and practices.

Manufacturer – a participant that manufactures whole fenestration products such as windows, doors, skylights, etc.

Fabricator – a participant that manufactures windows from lineal suppliers’ reissued test reports.

Site-Built – a participant that manufactures products but assembles and glazes the products onsite.

Door Manufacturer/Lineal Supplier – a participant that manufactures door components and is not responsible for finished glazing on door, and supplies simulation/validation testing to assembler/distributor.

Door Distributor/Dealer – for a door distributor/purchaser or dealer/pre-hanger that receives testing and simulation reports from a door manufacturer/pre-hanger or door manufacturer/lineal supplier.

Door Manufacturer/Pre-Hanger – a participant that manufactures, glazes, and pre-hangs a door product (includes slab, jamb, header, and threshold). The participant obtains certification authorization for their door products in accordance with NFRC rating and certification requirements.

Applied Film – a participant that manufactures attachment products for fenestration products.

Private Labeler – a participant that is the Responsible Party whose name and identification code is reflected on the NFRC Label of a fenestration product and whose name is listed in the NFRC CPD. A Private Labeler’s fenestration product’s certification authorization is maintained by the fenestration product Manufacturer.

3. Sign and return all of the required documents: NFRC License Agreement, schedules, and associated documents.

Once NFRC receives all required documents, a record only visible to the IA and labs is created in the NFRC Certified Products Directory (CPD) participant database.

4. Select an NFRC-licensed Inspection Agency (IA)

An IA is an organization or person authorized by the NFRC to conduct specified services for the Product Certification Program. Your IA will guide you through the process.

5. Select an NFRC Insulating Glass Certification Program

Each licensee shall use insulating glass units certified by a third party participating in NFRC’s IG certification program.

6. Select an NFRC accredited simulation lab and test lab.

The simulation lab and test lab will work with you to review your product catalog and determine the number of product lines to be rated based on the requirements of NFRC standards (typically representing operator type, frame type, etc.).

7. Test your selected product lines.

Our simulator models your product(s) and determines the energy performance characteristics (U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Transmittance). Ask the labs to guide you through specific requirements.

TIP: Do not begin any testing until your product matrix is established.

8. Send a baseline product to the NFRC accredited test lab.

Baseline products vary in accordance with the results of products simulated. Verify the baseline product to be tested with the simulation laboratory. The test lab will validate the U-factor rating from the NFRC-accredited simulation lab results.

9. Receive your results from the test and simulation labs.

Both labs will send copies of your test results to your IA. Your IA will review the results and compare them to the original drawings and specifications submitted by your accredited labs.

10. Await approval from your IA.

Once the IA determines that the product meets NFRC requirements, they will issue a Certification Authorization Report (CAR) to you.

11. Label those product(s) with an NFRC label approved by your IA.

NFRC will return a counter-signed license agreement and issue your initial participation invoice based on the date of your initial certification.

NFRC Participation Costs

Your costs are based on annual participation, product line fees, and labeling frees. For exact participation fees, see our Fee Schedule (pdf).

Visit the NFRC membership page to see how becoming a member could benefit your company.

Visit the ENERGY STAR® Verification page and learn about how to become an ENERGY STAR Partner.

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Testing and Verification

NFRC products go through a series of physical tests designed to test the integrity of their energy performance versus NFRC standards.

Learn more about how products are tested and verified here.