NFRC Logo and 2005 Temporary Label Update

The NFRC “sunflake” logo is a federally registered mark. The logo, which is pictured on the NFRC Temporary Label, is to reflect the registration mark as well.

NFRC Temporary Label revisions were approved by the NFRC Board of Directors in March 2005, incorporating the newly registered NFRC logo. The new format applies to all NFRC Temporary Labels (door and window), including those pictured on NFRC Label Certificates.

(For additional information on labeling requirements, please refer to Section 6 and Appendix B of the NFRC PCP)

The changes to the label format are as follows:

  • Now that federal registration has been issued, the ® designation is to be used with the NFRC “sunflake” logo instead of “CM.”
  • A disclaimer statement has been added to the performance testing information currently required below the product ratings.

Temporary Labels shall be subject to the following conditions:

  • The 2003 labels shall not be used after April 1, 2006
  • Existing 2003 labels may be used until April 1, 2006
  • As of May 16, 2005, all newly printed labels shall use the 2005 format

Fill out the form below to download a copy of the:

  1. NFRC black and white logo
  2. NFRC color logo
  3. NFRC “Certified” black and white logo
  4. Sample of the 2005 one-size Temporary Label


For printed materials: You must obtain prior written permission from NFRC to reproduce the NFRC Registered Mark in its entirety for use on printed materials or in promotion of certified products. You must submit to NFRC samples of proposed printed materials using the Registered Mark not fewer than 10 business days prior to the proposed commencement of public dissemination or printing, whichever comes earlier.

For labels: You must submit to your Certification and Inspection Agency (IA) a sample of your proposed temporary label for approval prior to printing.

NFRC has rights under trademark and copyright law to protect its registered certification mark and related trade and service marks and logo, and has the right to provide for remedies to assure that these rights are protected.

For additional information, please contact NFRC staff at (301) 589-1776 or by e-mail at