FenStar™ Certification Program

As a Partner in the ENERGY STAR program, you have made a business choice to be part of a brand that communicates the message about the energy efficiency of windows, doors, and skylights to consumers. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is the leading expert in the certification and testing for windows, doors, and skylights, and is recognized by the EPA as a Certification Body (CB) for the ENERGY STAR program.

To ensure that ENERGY STAR products continue to perform in the marketplace as originally designed and certified, ENERGY STAR requires that all products bearing the logo be made available for ongoing verification testing.

In addition, manufacturers will need to provide copies of the installation instructions provided with ENERGY STAR products, air leakage certification information, and a sample of a products line’s ENERGY STAR and NFRC labels for verification. NFRC will be investigating ways to automate this information if possible (such as getting the air leakage data directly from the CPD) to ease the burden on the manufacturer.

These requirements will be accomplished in stages, beginning with a pilot program in January 2018 and gradually expanding to include all ENERGY STAR partners.

ENERGY STAR Partners will Need to:

FenStar Certification Program Surveillance

Notices of selection for the verification testing portion of the certification program will be going out starting in February 2018. The verification testing is taking the place of the now defunct Independent Verification Program (IVP). There will be no noticeable change in that program for everyone that passes the test.


Additional Program Information: