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Submit Optical Properties

Spectral Data File Submission Information

The documents below detail the optical property submission process.  Glazing suppliers must submit specific samples to an optical property testing laboratory, or use their own testing facilities, instructing that lab to provide specific data outlined in the documents below.  After the data submission, LBNL alerts NFRC of a supplier's submission marks (adds a # sign) in the International Glazing Database( IGDB) indicating the data are acceptable for NFRC simulations. NFRC 302 governs the peer review process glazing data must go through before NFRC acceptance.  Six times each year, LBNL publishes an IGDB update showing those marks (indicated by a # sign) denoting NFRC acceptance.  Finally, simulators may now use the "marked" data to calculate insulating glazing unit performance.

Film manufacturers and laminate suppliers must also submit specific sample to a testing lab. Please call Ray McGowan at 240-821-9510 with specific questions.