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Specifying Authority

The Specifying Authority (SA) is the entity who specifies the fenestration products/ systems and components, and identifies the suppliers to be used on a commercial or non-residential project in order to meet design and performance requirements.

The SA enters into a license agreement with NFRC and obtains an NFRC label certificate for a project. This entity may be, but is not limited to, an architect, engineer, or supplier.

Role of the Specifying Authority

The SA agrees to sign a license agreement with NFRC and specify the fenestration products/systems that require thermal performance ratings provided under the NFRC CMA-PCP. The SA also agrees to comply with the requirements of the CMA-PCP.

The SA also provides the following information to a Approved Calculation Entity (ACE):

Specifying Authorities may participate in the CMA-PCP with more than one ACE or IA.

Click here to request a copy of the Specifying Authority tutorial (must be reviewed before registration is complete)

For complete information on the Specifying Authority guidelines, please see the NFRC 705 document.

Specifying Authority Form (MS Word Form) - This form can be used to supply information to the ACE. This form will give the specifying authority some insight as to what is needed to be provided to the ACE so that they can do their calculations for the label certificate. A filled in sample form can be found here.