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Certification Agency Program

The NFRC Certification Agency Program (CAP) makes it possible for an entity or applicant to become certified to be a Licensed Inspection Agency (IA).

CAP iconUnder the Product Certification Program (PCP), fenestration product licensees (manufacturers, fabricators, lineal suppliers, site-built licensees) obtain thermal performance ratings for fenestration products within product lines from NFRC-accredited simulation and testing laboratories. They obtain a certification authorization report (CAR) for these ratings, and provide authorization to label products from NFRC-licensed independent certification and inspection agencies (IAs). A licensee may select to work with any NFRC IA licensed to perform services under the PCP.

If an entity meets NFRC licensing requirements, and passes an on-site inspection, they will enter into a License Agreement with NFRC and receive a Certificate of Licensing.

IAs are trained to utilize both the NFRC Certified Products Database and Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (CMAST).

The most recent version of the NFRC 702 document provides full details on the Certification Agency Program and becoming a Licensed Inspection Agency (IA).